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+45 8919 2460
Factory Manager
Palle D. Sørensen

Union Representative: Villy Petersen

Facts About Danish Crown Holsted

  • 330 employees
  • The slaughterhouse receive 4,500 animals for slaughter a week, corresponding to about half the weekly cattle slaughterings in Denmark.
  • The hourly throughput is 110 animals, or twice what DC Beef's existing facilities are handling.
  • Approx. 10,000 quartered animals is deboned a week, corresponding to 500 animals a day.
  • More than 350 tonnes of beef is minced a week. This equates to more than 600,000 trays of the sort on sale in supermarkets, or approx. 60% of all the minced beef consumed in Denmark each week.

Authorisation Number: DK 5688 EF