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Martin Bojesen
"It's a whole different way to be a farmer"
Jacob Gammelgård
"We have the opportunity to make room for nature"
Jesper Adler
"This is what we sacrifice to make room for biodiversity"
Helle Friis Buhl
"That's the only thing right for me"
Lars Jørgensen
"The cow has a lifelong stay in a luxury hotel"
Gert Glob Lassen
"Ecologist with the army road as a neighbor"
Kasper Højer Clausen
“It's great to have the animals outside”
Niels Schelde Jensen
"Consumers place higher demands on their food"
Nicolaj Pedersen
"The heart beats for Friland"
Michael Nielsen
"The organic pigs steal the picture at Tilsbæk"
Anita Rankenberg Juel
"Freelancer with red lacquered nails"
Rud Mikael Bruun
"It helps the pigs' behavior and calms them down"
Preben Drastrup
"Being an ecologist means everything to me"
Preben Madsen
"I want to show this angle of agriculture"
Laurs Papsø Laursen
"Was tempted by the challenge of becoming an ecologist"
Mads Thinggaard Kristensen
"Here you are closer to the animals"
Per Rytter Andersen
"Always nice to see the animals roam free"
Asmussen og Kaczmarek
"Cow community provides great benefits"
Alfred Kloster
"I'm happy to be an ecologist"
Friland’s organic farmers
Organic farmers’ pig production is subject to organic inspection by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The Danish Agricultural Agency is responsible for conducting the inspections and control visits at the farms. Inspections are carried out by the Danish Agricultural Agency at least once a year. Upon approval, the farmer is authorised to run an organic farm with livestock. The rules meet both the legal requirements of the EU and the requirements for Danish state-controlled organic production.