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Self-auditing programme at the abattoir
Daily cleaning is controlled via thorough visual inspection and by means of random microbiological cleaning checks.

Animal welfare
Animal welfare is controlled on a daily basis by means of a documented inspection programme in the housing units before slaughter.

Manure pollution
Zero tolerance of manure pollution of carcasses is very important to ensure the carcass is not contaminated with any pathogenic bacteria from the manure. Each carcass is checked for manure, with documented random checks being performed.


  • Checks are carried out for other sources of pollution and slaughtering errors.
  • The cooling of slaughtered pigs and cold storage are monitored by cold storage management systems and continuous automatic temperature recording.
  • Butchered meat products are produced according to individual cutting and packing instructions. The daily self-monitoring ensures that the products meet customer specifications.
  • Trucks for transporting the meat are subject to daily checks, and the temperature of the products is measured prior to shipment.
  • Carcasses and meat cuts are continually monitored and subjected to microbiological tests.

HACCP Self-auditing programme

• Cleaning/hygiene
• Animal welfare
• Shipping/transport
• Cooling/temperature
• Manure pollution
• Microbiology

Here you will find a selection of our current certificates for download.