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Friland’s Free Range pigs are born and bred on Danish farms where animal welfare and the environment are of paramount importance.

The production of Free Range pigs is subject to the inspection principles laid down by the
Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The Danish Animal Welfare Society also inspects the farms annually to ensure that the farmers comply with the requirements under which the pigs are reared.
Free Range pigs from Friland
• Born on pasture in pig shelters, with access to outdoor areas their entire lives • Piglets weaned at five weeks of age • No tail docking or tooth cutting • Outdoor access for slaughter pigs • Pigs are untethered throughout the year, with access to bedding areas and clean, dry bedding • Pigsties with sufficient space, lots of straw and outdoor access • Fed high-fibre feed as required • Medicine only administered following veterinary inspection • Gentle transport to the abattoir