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Organic pigs

The farms must be registered as organic and monitored for compliance to the organic regulations by the Danish AgriFish Agency, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark. In addition to these regulations the following demands must be fulfilled:

  • All sows are free range.
  • All organic pigs are born in pig shelters in open fields.
  • Organic pigs are kept in runs with plenty of space, lots of straw and room to move about.
  • The feed is 100% organic and always GMO-free.
  • The tails of organic pigs are not docked.
Further guidelines and information

What is organic pork?

When you choose Danish organic pork from Friland, you are choosing meat
that is produced by Danish farmers for whom the environment and animal
welfare are a key priority in their day-to-day operations on the farm. Friland
has established a number of requirements to ensure that customers are
supplied with the highest possible meat quality:

• High animal welfare standards

• High environmental standards

• Feed without GMO, chemical fertilisers or chemical pesticides

• High food safety standards from farm to fork

• High eating quality, with specific quality parameters

• Food with more taste


Organic food is characterised by the following:

• No chemical pesticide residues
• Cleaner groundwater due to zero use of chemical pesticides
• High animal welfare standards with production methods that respect animals’ natural behaviour
• Clean food without impurities; organic food is not tainted with artificial colourings and flavours
• Organic soil supports a richer and cleaner fauna and flora
• Organic production does not use GMO products in food for human consumption or for animal feed

Born on pasture in pig shelters

Piglets weaned at seven weeks of age

No tail docking or tooth cutting

Ready access to open pasture and sheds

Ample space in the finishing unit with runs

Fed 100% organic feed, high-fibre feed as required, GMO-free

Medicine only administered following veterinary inspection

Gentle transport to the abattoir